Networking, Cybersecurity and System research at UCLouvain

The ICTEAM institute at UCLouvain is composed of 12 academics, among which 6 professors and more than 23 PhDs and Post-docs are working on the fields of Networking, Cybersecurity and Systems. This blog has been created to highlight their research and the expertise pole they built in those fields.

Picture of the research teams

Olivier Bonaventure has been working on transport protocols and multi-path protocols such as MPTCP in particular.

Etienne Riviere is building, deploying and evaluating innovative computer systems. With his team, he works on improving the scalability, performance, security and ease of programming of large-scale and distributed cloud environments, blockchain infrastructures, programmable networks, and mobile systems.

Ramin Sadre is working on security of networked systems, especially of the Internet of Things and of Industrial Control Networks (ICS/SCADA), and large-scale measurements of network and application protocols.

Axel Legay is active in formal verification, testing, and cyber security.

Cristel Pelsser is facilitating network operations, to avoid network disruptions and, when they occur, pinpoint the failures precisely in order to quickly fix the issues, understand them in order to design solutions to prevent recurrence.

Tom Barbette has been working on high-speed packet processing and load-balancing between and inside servers.